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Welcome to the Blog

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”Proverbs 18:15

From Knowledge to Application

Even a quick read through the book of Proverbs reveals a common theme: the wise pursue knowledge, while fools despise learning. Repeatedly, Solomon emphasizes the connection between fearing God and gaining wisdom, because wisdom itself is from the Lord (see Proverbs 2:6, 8:35, 15:33).

Although the Christian life does not consist solely of gaining knowledge about the Bible, knowing the word of God, and knowing how to apply it to everyday life, is beneficial for walking by faith, growing in our relationships, and identifying false teachings.

Developing the skills of a keen, biblically-minded observer takes practice and instruction, and it is with this in mind that we welcome you to TFAB’s blog. Our goal here is to develop your skills as an observer of Scripture and the world, so that you can grow in wisdom and become disciples who glorify God, testify of Christ, and edify each other even more effectively.

Though occasionally we will analyze specific passages of Scripture, often our posts will examine subjects that will better equip you to engage the word of God yourself, or examine a current issue through a Biblical lens. Equally important to us are the testimonies of our members, which will also be featured regularly for your encouragement and edification.

In the upper right of your screen (or beneath this post if you’re on a mobile device), you’ll see the different categories we’ll be covering. (These may grow and change as we become more established.) We will post weekly, with a regular rotation of topics, so if one of these doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry: we will change it up often. Until then, read on for a better idea of what to expect.

“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness…”
2 Timothy 3:16
Theology & Philosophy:

In this section, we’ll explore topics that relate specifically to theological views and philosophical concepts—religious and otherwise. Among other things, we will address theological terms that may not be in the everyday vocabulary of an average Christian, like “eschatology,” “apostasy,” or “diaspora.”

In addition, we will investigate philosophical concepts that have theological implications, and address common arguments against the veracity of the Bible.

Art & Culture:

With the world at our fingertips and more diversions than ever, it is important to take time to critically examine the world around us—both secular and Christian—through the lens of Scripture. From movies and music to Netflix and Facebook, this section will explore the impact that the art and culture around us is having on the church, both good and bad. We will also critique Christian media, holding up the theology and worldviews present in popular Christian films and music, for instance, to the standard of the Bible.

In addition to more abstract or far off aspects of culture and art, we will interview artists within our own TFAB community and analyze cultural phenomenons specific to Bend.

News & Commentary:

Visit this section for news about the happenings at TFAB, updates on Marcel and Pauline in Burkina Faso, and expert commentary about a variety of topics. We’ll offer light experiential pieces about TFAB events, and let you know about the impact TFAB is having abroad.

We’ll also hear from experts on difficult issues facing the church, like how to deal with grief, domestic abuse, and alcoholism in the context of the Christian faith.

Evangelical History:

Ever wonder about the difference between Methodists and Presbyterians? Ponder the origins of the modern American Christian lexicon? Curious about how the church grew in post-New Testament times?

This section will explore all those questions and give you context for odd or confusing practices that have become common in the modern church.

People of TFAB:

The body of Christ is made up of individuals, and the goal of this section is to share their stories. You will get a closer look at the staff and elders here at TFAB, hear stories of people who have participated in Redemption Groups, and get first-hand accounts from members who have ministries of their own or encouraging accounts to share.

Through these accounts we hope that you’ll be exhorted and encouraged in your own walk as you see God moving in the lives of those here at TFAB and beyond.

In every instance we hope to provide you with something of value: a new perspective on an old topic, a story of redemption or encouragement, or simply a good laugh. We hope you’ll feel free to engage with us on difficult topics, and let us know what topics you would like explored. You can get in contact with us through Facebook, Twitter, or by contacting our Creative Admin at emily@tfab.com.

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