Gospel of John

September 2017—

Journey with us through the profound Gospel of John as we understand more deeply who God is and who we are in the context of His sacrifice and forgiveness.


September 2016 — July 2017

Through this series, we hope to learn the story of Exodus, grow in our awe and worship of God and celebrate the One who draws us out of our sin and draws us into relationship with Him.

2nd Peter

July — August 2016

Second Peter deals with serious issues, but it is also filled with famous proverbs and wise sayings, as well as vivid poetry and imagery. We hope you are encouraged through this teaching series.

1st Peter

January — June 2016

Peter writes to encourage his readers to endure suffering and persecution by giving themselves entirely to God. Christ’s death and resurrection are the model for believers. We hope you are encouraged through this teaching series.


July 2014 — January 2016

Genesis is about beginnings. Genesis tells us that God created everything that exists. It shows that God is both the Creator and the Ruler of all creation. But it also tells of humanity’s tragic fall into sin and death, and of God’s unfolding plan of redemption through his covenant with Abraham and his descendants.


January 2014 — July 2014

Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon of Israel, the wisest man on earth. Our study explores his record of his search for wisdom and the meaning of human life, in the context of the existence of our infinite God.

Guest Speakers


A collection of teachings from TFAB’s guest speakers. Passages range from Old Testament to New, and cover a wide variety of topics.

Topical Teachings


This is a collection of topical teachings that TFAB has produced either to fill in the gaps between sermon series, or for special occasions. We will continue adding topical messages to this section as they come up.