Redemption Group Psalm: Christy Yankey

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A Redemption Psalm

by Christy Yankey

A Redemption Psalm: Questions Concerning Management Audio // Recited by Christy Yankey in March, 2017

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On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.Edward Mote, 1834

Questions Concerning Management

“How long, O Lord?”
“How much?”
“When will the crushing
Winds of Providence relent?”

My heart longs to know the limits of unexpected sorrow. I don’t ask for answers. I don’t expect to know why it feels like you pursue me ruthlessly. I long to possess the daily surety that in the end your heart is moved with compassion toward me—not contempt.

Never in my Pharisaical life did I think myself capable of identifying with Job’s Wife. While curses against you never crossed my lips, doubts concerning your inherent goodness occupied my thoughts often. Keenly feeling insecurity in my husband’s health, my child’s well-being, our livelihood and living situation—I brought a vindictive case against you, my gracious Father. Filled with cynicism and bitterness. I charged you with malicious intent and cruel action. Fool that I am! I willfully disregard the abundant grace that you liberally lavish on me.

In vain—I build kingdoms out of sand; kingdoms of comfort and control. How weak and narrow is a life solely within the bounds of my ordination? Too small for you to wish for me. That is why you send winds and rain to demolish my tiny comforts and securities. In love you blast away these kingdoms as I fight desperately to hold them together.
You destroy my sandy strongholds to show that:
“When all around my soul gives way,
You alone are my hope and stay.”
You decimate my comforts so that I might find eternal satisfaction in you and nowhere else. For indeed, outside of you any security is a mere liability.

Gracious Father, forgive my adolescent faith which only trusts you when the weather is fair. Please, continue to refine me. Expand my faith. Deepen my affections. Give me the courage to follow when you ask much of me. Teach my heart to hold earthly loves with a loose hand. For indeed, they are much safer in your tender care than mine. Grant me faith that is not shaken with momentary afflictions. Let my faith be one that endures beyond the brevity of my life.

In vain—I build kingdoms out of sand;
Kingdoms of comfort and control.

Christy Yankey

Father, you are matchless. Your sovereign love reaches beyond my feeble abilities. You desire a far better kingdom for me than I can create or imagine. You are determined to prove yourself as the very best ruler and Lord in my life. You are a king who sees my fear and runs to meet me in the midst of tempests with overwhelming and irresistible compassion.

My questions are met at the cross. Your case acquitted at the Victory of Resurrection.
You have guaranteed my eternal inheritance and given me the hope of glory. Therefore, I will bless you because you have done great things for me. What I have sown in tears, I will reap with shouts of joy. I will praise you because you are my sovereign, benevolent King.

What I have sown in tears,
I will reap with shouts of joy.

Christy Yankey

“Questions Concerning Management” was a psalm written for our 2017 Redemption Group. If you are interested in learning more about this intensive nine-week study, please visit our Redemption Group page or call us at (541) 385-3100.

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