At The Fellowship at Bend we believe our mission is to make disciples who Glorify God, Edify the body, and Testify of Him. Our desire is to EQUIP men and women with the tools and knowledge they need to more effectively make disciples who make disciples. The intent behind Equip is to make disciples and Equip Leaders.


Basics is a 3 week, pre-requisite class for all those going through Equip. This is the entry point into our Church that will explain the core beliefs of The Fellowship at Bend and lay the groundwork for becoming a Servant Leader and serving in the church.

The TFAB Basics course will pick up again in May 2017, and will take place on Sundays immediately following the gathering.
Sunday, May 14 @ 12:30 (History and Values)
Sunday, May 21 @ 12:30 (FAQ’S and Finances)
Sunday, June 4 @ 12:30 (Servant Leader Agreement)

The Fellowship at Bend
21530 Butler Market Bend, OR 97701


EQUIP is designed to “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Eph. 4:12). In other words, the purpose of EQUIP is to make disciples who make disciples that are anchored in all that God is for them, in Jesus. This one-year development track (roughly 52 weeks) is designed to help this happen in the context of small (4-6 people), covenanted, gender-specific groups. These EQUIP groups will meet regularly for discussion of preselected content, scripture, prayer, and sharpening. EQUIP is not intended to be a class, but a context for life-on-life missional discipleship.

• Gender specific. Men and women will participate in gender-specific groups.
• Covenanted. The participants in each group will covenant to be fully engaged and regularly participate.
• Small. 4-6 people (including the leader) by invite only.
• Structured. A Field Guide will describe weekly assigned reading, personal projects, and discussion questions.
• Beyond group. Our hope is that the relationships formed in your EQUIP group would extend beyond your weekly meeting into every day life.

The EQUIP Field Guide contains 52 weeks of discussion guides through 12 different books. The reading list has been specifically chosen to help you experience real transformation in your heart (motives/affections), head (understanding), and hands (action). Topics include: Gospel identity, understanding the Bible, prayer, belonging to a local church, apologetics, fighting sin, and more. For the fullest experience, we recommend each group completes the entire year. However, groups can participate in a customizable way, and it’s possible to do an abbreviated year (e.g. 3, 6, 8 months). If you are interested in signing up for EQUIP please contact us and you will be added to a cohort list. Once the cohort is full you will be contacted for further instruction.


TFAB Learning is a series of opportunities for the people of TFAB and Central Oregon to be educated biblically and theologically. We are currently offering three primary learning options.

  1. Courses – These 4-12 week theological and biblical courses are held on Sunday mornings at 9a in the Overflow Room, each class runs about 90 minutes. Classes are a combination of lectures and dialogues with questions and answers.
  2. Theology Pub – This is a monthly event held in the meeting room at the McMenamin’s Pub. This is primarily a group dialogue around important theological and cultural topics.
  3. Seminary Saturdays – This is a 2-3 time a year event where we dedicate an entire Saturday to a particular topic. The 1 day seminar will have around 4 main sessions as well as break outs and q/a opportunities.

It is our hope and desire to see the people of TFAB equipped biblically and theologically so that they might be given a framework to be critical and independent thinkers. Our primary objective is not to tell people what to believe but to give them the tools and resources to come to solid biblical conclusions on their own. This is not to say that we do not have strong theological convictions, but to emphasize our desire to train people to think for themselves.

Please check the events page for specific upcoming TFAB Learning events and opportunities.