Church Planting


We are a Church that is called to plant Churches that plant more churches.


We believe that the best way to fulfill the great commission to make disciples is to plant new Churches.


We Train
It is our desire to not just be a church that grows inward, but also grows outward. Therefore, we understand it that takes training through discipleship to properly EQUIP leaders. Training is both in community and in the classroom.

We Send
As the leadership sees God’s calling on a planter’s life, and has a clear plan to plant, we send them out. In the sending process we support them through relationship, prayer, and finances.

We Support
Through Acts 29 we are connected with many different men that desire to plant Churches. As a leadership, we prayerfully consider who and where we can financially support.


Redeemer’s Church Redmond
In October of 2013, The Fellowship at Bend sent out Brett Anderson to plant Redeemer’s Church. We continue to be a support for Redeemer’s Church and we are partners together in the ministry.

Cornerstone Detroit
In December of 2015, we began supporting Tyler St. Claire as he undertakes the task of planting a Church in Detroit, Michigan. You can follow their story here, and

Burkina Faso

We currently oversee a bible school in Burkina Faso, Africa where we are retraining pastors to pastor, and to plant new Churches throughout West Africa. For more info on Burkina Faso you can check out the Burkina Faso link under our ministries page.