Burkina Faso


Equip Pastors in Burkina Faso, Africa both spiritually and physically to help make disciples that will plant Churches in Burkina Faso, and throughout West Africa.


With few resources and a low literacy rate, many of Burkina Faso’s pastors need a strong grasp of how to share the Bible in an oral culture.


We partner with Ekklesia Eugene and Mission Church Salem to financially, practically, and spiritually support Marcel Yanoga, a native of Burkina, to disciple, train, and care for hundreds of pastors.

In the past several years we have built a bible school that has over 120 students.  The purpose of this school is to retrain and resend pastors to pastor and plant Gospel-Centered Churches in West Africa.

We also support with food during times of famine and the building of church roofs to provide shade from the hot Burkina Sun.

Pastor Loren travels to Burkina on a yearly basis to host a large gathering of pastors and take them through books of the bible for both encouragement and training in expository teaching.


Financially it is a massive undertaking to train and care for these pastors. There are four areas of support.

– BIBLE SCHOOL – You can support an individual pastor to attend the bible school. The cost is $50 a month and that provides food, lodging, and materials.

– PRACTICAL – You can provide for a church roof. The cost of the roof varies based on the size, but typically runs between $800-$1200. You can provide food for a pastor and his family. A bag of rice can feed the family for 1 month and costs around $50.

– CONFERENCE – You can support a bible conference. We pay to bring all the men in. We house them, feed them, and try to gift them with a month’s supply of food. The cost of a single conference runs around $6000.

– JOIN US – Are you a teacher? Are you good with a camera? Would you like to come and serve the teaching team? Would you like to help facilitate a youth camp? All of these are areas of opportunity to help serve on one of our yearly trips to Burkina. Let us know if you are interested in going with us.


Much needs to be done in Burkina Faso, and so much prayer is required. Please, pray that God would continue to save people in Africa. Pray that God would bless the people of Burkina with rain and a plentiful harvest season. Pray that God would equip the pastors in Burkina to teach God’s Word faithfully. Pray for the pastors who are affected by the unrest and religious persecution in northern Burkina next to Mali. Pray for Marcel to have strength and health as he serves his family and the churches of Burkina Faso. Finally, pray that the Bible school would be effective to equip many pastors.