A Letter to TFAB

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Dear TFAB,

When we started meeting 13 years ago, with a gathering of about 15 people on April 4th, 2004, I would never have thought that we would look like we do today. I had hopes back then. Hopes of seeing a flourishing community of Jesus followers. But I never would have imagined what Christ has done since we began.

So, I have a question for you now: what do you think TFAB might look like in the next five to ten years? Take a minute, close your eyes, and imagine it.

  • What will our size be?
  • How much more will we have grown?
  • How many gatherings will we be having in our current spaces?
  • What new needs might we have?
  • What do you want our community to look like for our kids?

These are questions that the Elders have been asking, and something we’ve been trying to envision.

As we process these questions, we are doing so with the understanding that Bend is growing: the city of Bend projects 30% growth by 2028. With our neighborhood’s recent incorporation into the Urban Growth Boundary, we have the potential to see 1000 homes built in our immediate vicinity in the next 10-20 years.

Bend is growing, TFAB’s neighborhood is growing, and TFAB itself is growing too. We’ve gone from a group of about 15 in ‘04 to meeting at Summit High School to having a place to call home. Since purchasing this building two and a half years ago, we have doubled in size, moving from nearly filling one gathering, to nearly filling two.

Considering our history of growth, and our persistent mission to make more disciples, it is our belief that TFAB will continue to grow. That means that now is the time to look ahead—to consider what the future holds—so we are prepared when the future comes.

We want to plan now to create better spaces for new disciples to learn—to expand to accommodate our growing community.

That means creating a space where we are not all hearing the “ambience” of TFAB Kids through the walls each Sunday morning.
A space for children, middle schoolers & youth to learn, without playing “who can be the quietest” every week.
A space for classrooms for TFAB Learning.
A space where, as our children grow up, they have a beautiful venue to be married.

So, the leadership is proposing a goal we’re calling “2020 Vision.”

Our 2020 Vision is to pay off our current loan of $730,000 by December of 2020, so that we can be prepared to build a new auditorium for our gatherings and other uses by 2023, putting us in a solid position to handle our anticipated growth.

At its core are three things: Growth, Mission, & Stewardship. In order to better pursue our mission of continuing to make new disciples, we need room for growth. To sustain this growth, we must engage in responsible stewardship of both current and future resources by paying off current debts before incurring future ones.

To do this, we’ll need a 30% increase over and above our current giving. What does this look like practically? On an individual level, if you give $100/month right now, that would look like $130/month. Or maybe you’re new here, or you’ve never given. Perhaps this would be something that you could invest in. We will not divert funds from either our general giving or missions to support this goal.

All we’re asking is that during this upcoming week, you think about this vision. Think about our future. Honestly pray about it. If you can give cheerfully towards this, we would ask you to partner with us on 2020 Vision.

If you have questions after you have thought this through, we will be hosting a Q&A in 3 weeks on Sunday, April 23rd after the second gathering. We also have a preliminary FAQ page to clarify some questions we anticipate you may already be asking.

Thank you for thinking and praying about our future as a community that makes disciples of Jesus.

Loren Anderson


Our goal is that funds designated for 2020 Vision would be in addition to current funds. Under no circumstances will we divert resources from other ministries to support this goal, which is why it is important for you to mark your donations “2020 Vision” if you choose to give.

In other words, our general and missions giving will remain the same.

There are a few factors at work here:

  1. The city of Bend projects 30% growth by the year 2028,
  2. TFAB is in an area that was recently incorporated into the Urban Growth Boundary, which means that we can expect to see up to 1,000 homes break ground in our immediate vicinity in the next 10-20 years, and
  3. TFAB itself has doubled since moving to our current facility, and we expect to continue growing.

In other words, we will need to expand. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but within the next 7-10 years. We chose the year 2020 with all of this in mind. Our end-goal is to be in a position to finish a new sanctuary by around 2023. But we feel we need to practice good stewardship by paying off our current building loan before incurring new debt for this expansion.

Paying off our loan by 2020 will ensure that we have the time and resources to put into creating a larger space by 2023, so that we are prepared for the demands of a growing urban population that would begin impacting our neighborhood by around 2024 at the earliest.

In order to practice good stewardship, we want to pay off our current debts before adding new ones. This will help keep our monthly payment down, so that a larger percentage of giving can go to our ministries and our mission of making disciples.

We will continue adding additional gatherings and operating as usual, reassessing our goals after our timeline has lapsed.

No. But you may hear periodic updates at monetary milestones. Otherwise, we will keep talk about this from the pulpit to a minimum, instead supplying new information to those who want it through different channels, like the Loop.

We will notify the body corporately of milestones, and post more frequent updates under the “Milestones” tab above. If you’re looking for detailed financials and more frequent updates, sign up for the Loop. We will include a link with weekly updates so you can track our progress.

2020 Updates!